International Fellows Program

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National Defense University offers one-year fellowships to select senior officers from more than 50 nations, all personally invited by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The fellowships provide an opportunity to study in either the Industrial College of the Armed Forces or the National War College. The program conducts extensive travel within the United States to military, cultural, and industrial locations. Qualified Fellows may be awarded a Masters degree at graduation.
International Fellows are assigned to the National Defense University’s International Student Management Office while participating in this program. There are three components of this program. The first component is an eight-week Summer Academic Program. The second program component is the Field Studies Program, which begins shortly after arrival and runs throughout the year. The final component is the ten-month Academic Program.
The objectives of the International Fellows Program are to:
  • Prepare future leaders of the Armed Forces and civilian agencies for high-level policy command and staff responsibilities.
  • Provide an understanding of factors and considerations that shape U.S. security policy and strategy.
  • Develop firsthand knowledge of the social, political, and economic factors that shape U.S. institutions.
  • Further develop the professional qualifications of the International Fellow.
Family Involvement
International Fellows are encouraged to have their families accompany them. The entire family will find themselves immersed in a new environment and culture together. Several events and functions throughout the year involve the entire family. During the summer, families have opportunities to tour the sights in the Washington D.C. area and participate in several cultural activities. Family educational trips are organized throughout the year to Southern Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, New York City, NY, and Philadelphia, PA.