International Counterterrorism Fellows Program


The National Defense University (NDU) International Counterterrorism Fellows (ICTF) Program is a component of the Regional Defense Combating Terrorism (CbT) Fellowship Program, which is administered by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations/ Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC). The NDU program offers a ten month academic Fellowship to select senior international officials to study at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA). Fellows participate in seminars and also attend elective courses alongside American counterparts from the military services, DOD, other government agencies, and Congressional staff members. CISA brings a broad strategic perspective to these inter-service, interagency, international deliberations, which prepare ICT Fellows to:

  • Analyze the global threat and its various manifestations.
  • Recognize how global terrorism works – modes, means, roots and psychology of transnational terrorism.
  • Evaluate means of countering the threat within and outside national settings.
  • Plan how to work with the United States and other members of the anti-terror coalition in deterring, combating and defeating global terrorism.

They will remain connected with NDU’s ever-growing network of ICTF alumni long after they have completed the program. This close and continuing collaboration will support individual ICTF graduates as they move to higher levels of responsibility, while magnifying the overall effectiveness of the global coalition in the war on terrorism.

Welcome Letter from CISA Chancellor, Dr. Michael Bell

ICT Fellow Requirements


The optimal candidate to become an ICT Fellow is an individual who has experience within the Combating Terrorism arena, is presently combating terrorism, or is someone who will be assigned to this duty upon return to his home country. Military members should be officers of Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel’s rank; civilians should be of a comparative status or rank.

Educational Level:

NDU is an accredited institution. The College of International Security Affairs offers a Master’s of Arts in Strategic Security Studies. To qualify for an advanced degree, you must successfully complete the following requirements:

  1. Please provide the NDU Registrar’s Office with a copy of ALL your academic credentials. Please see the transcripts page for more information.
  2. Take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (prior to arriving in the US, if you can). Please see the TOEFL page for more information.

International Fellows who do not meet the degree requirements or who otherwise decline to participate in the NDU degree program, study under the same academic syllabus, however these Fellows are graded to a ‘non-degree’ standard and receive a diploma upon graduation.

Family Involvement

International Fellows are encouraged to have their families accompany them. The entire family will find themselves immersed in a new environment and culture together. Several events and functions throughout the year involve the entire family. During the summer, families have opportunities to tour the sights in the Washington D.C. area and participate in several cultural activities. Family educational trips are organized throughout the year to location(s) of interest in the surrounding area.