About ISMO


Welcome to the International Student Management Office (ISMO), administrative home to all international students attending NDU in-residence. Funded by State and Defense, and aligned with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s priorities, military and civilian officials from across the globe study at NDU; the majority attend one-year Master’s Degree programs at NWC, ICAF, or CISA. ISMO provides programmatic and practical support for NDU’s international students and their families, including:

  • Arranging all U.S. travel for the International Fellows as part of the American Studies Program and for the CISA Fellows as directed.
  • Meeting the needs of all international students and their families so that students can fully concentrate on their program of study.
  • Managing the Distinguished Visitor Orientation Tour (DVOT) Program, which hosts and escorts military delegations from around the world to locations throughout the country.
  • Building international partnership with and among the international students at NDU. To fulfill this objective, ISMO manages academic and outreach programs, including maintaining an extensive network of NDU graduates around the world.

I hope you find our webpage informative and useful, whether you are an incoming, current, or past student. Incoming students will perhaps be interested in learning more about their programs. Current students can keep up-to-date on all ISMO-related news. Alumni can additionally check out our outreach efforts (and don’t forget to give us an update!). And of course, feel free to contact us or meet my very capable staff.

- John Charlton, Senior Director, Col USAF (Ret)